PostHeaderIcon Memoirs of a wedding proposal

Fantasy is every girl’s hallmark, who, from a very tender age as less as eight years, dreams of her marriage with minute detailing of flowers and dress, with a needless mention of an imagined typical fairy-tale event. As she progresses with her age, the worldly wisdom dawns on her with a whole new perspective of the entire event. This, in fact, all is not that easy, when it comes to marriage or proposal planning.

For a marriage to come through, the would-be couple would have to profess their love to each other and no other event than a wedding proposal would make it happen memorably. Thus, all the efforts are directed towards making this an awesome event for the couple in love and also reliving the ecstasy of life. What is better than the best wedding photographyfor proposal for the wedding can be in order to capture the “very special moment” of your life? All you need to do is to get in touch with a good wedding photographer who has the hands on experience and knowledge about getting the best clicks even as you propose to your lady love.

Photo shoots for a wedding proposal – Its importance:

The would-be couple’s prime intention of a proposed photo shoot is to make it public to their close knit family and friends the circumstances that led them to their engagement and to depict all that went into professing their love to each other, by way of pictures.

Documentation is the key: Proposal photographs represent the absolute beginning of the marriage story. Driven by a tender heart sentiment to transform an act of remaking a personal moment, proposal photo shoots are prints that can be shared immediately with family and friends in addition to the online community. A photographer who thrives on real moments can make good to showcase his talent, with exciting opportunities in proposal shoots.

Venue: Capturing the feelings of all the “FIRSTS” when it comes to wedding proposals, the would-be couple can finalize their venue for their proposal shoot to be the first place where they exchanged glances after their eyes met!

And if you want to cherish the memory for a lifetime, which you obviously would, then all you need is the best wedding photographyprofessional.

The other side of proposal photography:

On the flip side, there are would-be grooms who are conspiring with photographers who stealthily capture the most delighted event leading to the fiancée-in-the-making.

The would-be groom argues in favor of this approach that while it is possible to click the pictures of a woman he loves, it is humanly impossible to recreate the glitter on her face at that moment.

This trend is gaining prominence on account of the innate intent of the person to have all the moments of his life documented for keeps, by even positing pictures which are not so profound.

Intruding into privacy:

With the infiltration of online technology, coupled with the influence of the elite into the everyday lives of people, people feel that this is the only way to document everything. For such people, this photo shoot would just turn out be an obligatory task which in itself loses its innate charm and reverence.

Capturing pictures of the private memory and sharing the same with other people, while actually respecting the privacy of the moment is what some people resort to during proposal photo shoots.

Some opine that an idea to preserve the proposal in a photograph is good and romantic, provided they adhere to some basic rules of privacy, that these personal pictures are not for all and sundry. Speak to the best wedding photography expert in Dubai today!

PostHeaderIcon What Lessons can Businesses Learn from Ticketbis?

The innovative business model that Ticketbis employs makes it the success that it is in the ticketing world. It has provided an easy platform where tickets to all kinds of events can be bought and sold fast. This site has connected people with similar interests as far as tickets are concerned considering that different aspects can lead to the need to sell tickets already in hand. Buyers will also have different reasons as to why they choose to search for the tickets from the platform. In essence, it provides a common trading ground for sellers and buyers, creating a process that is beneficial to all.

Companies and business can learn simple lessons from the platform to improve on their growth and expansion as well as business success. By looking at the strategies that one successful company has used to bounce to success, it is possible for any other business or company to take and use helpful tips. Here are some of the lessons that employers can learn from Ticketbis.

Local experience is crucial

When many companies expanding to other regions and countries makes the mistake of sourcing for employees back from their home countries. It can however be very helpful to look for local employers within the country or region that you are expanding too. This is a simple strategy that will break down any language barriers and geographical understanding of the areas and other issues relating to the business. Ticketbis, by employing local experience to every location it expands to have made it possible for it to gain trust fast beating various challenges it could have faced with employees not from the locality. At business, therefore, take advantage of hiring a local workforce for your company. It will be easier for you to start with a bang because they will have a clear understanding of the area and business too.

You can always beat the competition by being unique

Even though there are other ticketing platforms online, Ticketbis has still managed to beat them all to become a market leader in most of the areas that it has spread its wings to. This is probably as a result of creating a platform that is user friendly, coming up with friendly policies and above all offering excellent customer services. By covering a huge variety of events, the platform has beaten other ticketing platforms which deal with particular kinds of events and tickets. It has therefore gathered trust among buyers and sellers since they know all their events will be covered under one roof. As a company, you can also venture in the same kind of business as your competitors but do things differently to set you apart from the crowd. It could be your winning strategy.

Consider unorthodox locations

Ticketbis started in Spain and expanded to countries. It has not focused only on the American market as most companies would do, but has rather explored even European and Latin America countries. The inroads from one country to another regardless of any language difference, it has managed to make a difference. When starting a business or looking for expansion possibilities, you should also look at all options, allowing nothing to come in the way of making it big in your industry. You will be surprised at just how much potential such areas usually considered less marketable could have for you. Check out or further surprises and potential.

Apart from offering lessons for businesses and employers, Ticketbis also offers a bunch of lessons to the job seeker. It shows that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as there is motivation and ambition. A simple strategy can fetch you a win you never imagined could be possible.

PostHeaderIcon What Make Ticketbis Unique?

Meta Description

Ticketbis was founded in 2009 to offer an easy ticketing platform for buyers and sellers. The one thing that has probably made the site and the company a success is that it was founded by two football enthusiasts who in most cases found that they had extra tickets for matches they couldn’t attend. Instead of allowing the already bought tickets to go to waste, they came up with the idea of giving someone else a chance to enjoy the event through reselling of the tickets. This is how this reputable and popular brand was created in Spain. It has however now expanded to cover several other countries and the expansion endeavors continue. So what makes the company different or unique?

The interface: Anchor texts: Ticketbishas a user friendly interface that makes it easy even for beginners to find their way to the tickets they are looking for. It is colorful and easy, in terms of navigation hence anyone can handle the selling or buying process easily even for the very first time.

The policies: this ticketing platform also comes with policies that are meant to protect the personal interests of buyers. They are the same policies which ensure that what you get from the site are only genuine and original tickets to the events that you are most interested in. This has eliminated the cases of fraudulent activities on the site. It has instilled penalties for those who fail to keep their part of the ticketing bargain hence everyone is a winner from the site.

The variety: unlike other ticketing sites which deal only with one kind of event or sport, Ticketbis covers a variety of events. You will practically find tickets to all kinds of events from this platform. They are inclusive of sporting events, cultural events, movies and even musical concerts. If the event is a hit, you can be sure to find tickets from this platform for your enjoyment. It also covers both local and international events. You therefore have the chance to organize all your local events as well as plan ahead for international events and get the tickets in time to go and enjoy the events.

The deliveries: when you buy your event tickets from this site, you will have them delivered up to your doorstep. The ticket sellers will also have their tickets collected from where they are. It is a convenience that can be hard to enjoy with other platforms and it has attracted and maintained a huge clientele as a result. Even international deliveries are made possible so that even foreigners can plan their travelling right for the events.

The coverage: unlike some platforms which will cover only a certain location and events taking place within that location, Ticketbis covers more than Spain where it was founded. It has expanded to cover other countries becoming the market leader in ticketing even in those countries too. It has potential for growth to become a global ticketing platform which is something that will connect people from all corners of the world with similar interests.

The security: Anchor texts: Ticketbis also makes security a priority in terms of the online transactions. This is through safe and secure modes of payment for the tickets sold and bought. If you are a seller, you can be sure that your money will be deposited into your account as soon as the payment is done. If you are a buyer, then you can be sure that your banking details remain safe when buying your event tickets from the site. The security is locked making it hard for anyone to encounter losses.

PostHeaderIcon Electronic Cigarette – The Smoking Prevention Device

Ever since the public realized about the risks of smoking cigarettes just a few decades ago, many people have found discontinuing the tobacco habit hard. Many renowned companies have already been trying to produce smoking termination items for several years now. From nicotine patches to gum, nicotine lovers have been purchasing them to give up their addiction.


E cigarette is far better than tobacco cigarette

Electronic cigarettes (also called as e cigarette) are the latest product on the market. They are really made to feel and look like real cigarettes, however they just do not actually consist of any tobacco. Tobacco smoke is really unhealthy for the smoker as well as others around him.


The e cigarette includes a nicotine cartridge including liquid nicotine. While a user inhales, a small battery controlled atomizer transforms a small amount of liquid nicotine into vapor. Whenever the user inhales, a little LED light at the tip of the electronic cigarette glows orange to simulate a genuine cigarette.


Most of the leading brands, like the Gamucci e cigarette, possess full power, half power and minimum power. This is really created for people who wish to quit smoking. Somebody who accustomed to using the electronic cigarette, they can progressively decrease the strength they use until they give up.


The primary benefits electronic cigarettes have over nicotine patches or even gum is first, and secondly, as a big reason why smokers fail to stop suing patches and also gum is really because, they still miss the act of breathing in smoke from a cylindrical object.


The electronic cigarette is usually advantageous from an economic perspective. A set of five nicotine cartridges charge around £8 and is similar to 500 cigarettes. Even though the initial expenditure of an electronic cigarette kit of £50 may look like steep initially, users reduce costs in the long run.

As with many popular items, there have been a lot of cheap Chinese imitations flooding the marketplace. They are usually half the cost of a branded electronic cigarette and also seem like the real thing also.


As ecigarettes become much more and more popular, they are extremely used to smoke in pubs and also clubs with a smoking ban. Ecigarettes appear to be the next thing and also may soon exchange real cigarettes in clubs.   You can smoke ecigarettes at any place because it has no unhealthy smoke.

PostHeaderIcon Three Things Every Traveling Woman Needs to Stay Organized

Airplane windows.

In case you are a woman who travels a lot, you probably already know that organization is key in relation to keeping life easier for you. You don’t desire to spend your time packing or unpacking, meaning that you should be so organized those are things that don’t be a major aspect of your life. In case you are a road warrior, here are three essentials to keeping organized.


One thing that is an absolute must if you are doing a ton of traveling is a really good set of luggage. While great sets might set you back hundreds, or thousands, of dollars, they will endure better than the cheaper sets. This means you are less likely to have to keep replacing your set because they break on you and you will likely be less likely to shed money on broken on lost items in case your bags break a zipper or something during transit.

Keeping your nail and makeup polish organized is also pretty essential when you are traveling. If you are doing it a lot, you want to have a sturdy makeup train case to be able to be sure that you can safeguard your makeup while also having all of the supplies that you need whenever you travel. Cases come in many sizes and you could find a great selection at

Making careful wardrobe choices could also make a significant difference when you are traveling a lot. Make pieces that happen to be adaptable to various situations, including being able to be dressed up or dressed down. Also pick things that are easy to care for. Look for wrinkle free items which don’t should be ironed and stay away from clothes that need to be dry-cleaned or hand washed so that you can care for laundry easier while you are on your way. Don’t forget to go towards lighter fabrics so that things can be packed and take up less space.”

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unrivaled and peerless fossil watches

New online shopping now swirls the internet with along with the glorious and confidence, first I thought it is also similar to usual online shop; they won’t give a proper discount and proper price and more. But my thoughts are vanished, once I get a chance to make deal with the great online shop in the name of The watchkart is especially developed for getting branded, stylish and trendy and also with the low cost.

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PostHeaderIcon Never compromise quality and style- Lenskart


Are you looking for the best eyeglasses? If your wish is so, where you can get the stylish eyeglasses? Even though it looks stylish, people invade towards the low cost shops only. Now stop wander around the shopping streets and just click a link Lenskart. Com. This is the best way to stun your lifestyle by wearing the stylish eyeglasses. Do you know one thing this is the best online shop offers best discounts, offers along with the low cost. Great news to all! Women, men and even kids also wear stylish eyeglasses because your best online shopping partner is here.

What special Lenskart offers?

In Lenskart you can try out the pretentious and showy frame eyeglasses in the brand name of Ray-Ban, John Jacobs, Vincent Chase, Oakley, IDEE, VOGUE, Lee-Cooper, and Boss Orange and much more. What special it offers for a gem like customers? Now get your eyeglasses with the offer of flat 30 percent off due to the end of the season sale and also it offers a precious offer for its new customers by reducing complete cost of the frame so only pay cost of the Lenses. Don’t think these two offers only Lenskart ready to afford, because Lenskart is the largest online shopping so it loves customers more, so you can find more offers daily.

During online shopping you can try out the frames and then select your unique one, which gives more attractive look to you. If you like to buy branded eyeglasses, you can buy it now on easy EMI basis. Lenskart also attracts their pearl like customers with free shipping, cancellation facilities and 14-day return policies, these will surely make your eyeglasses purchase through online in easy way. What else is there begin to purchase and go stylish everywhere and draws the attention of others.

Such a great platform it affords to you along with the good delivery and good return policies and so procure your own stylish eyeglasses in Lenskart.

PostHeaderIcon Wedding presentation and watches in presentation

In all weddings presentations are made to wedded couple, in this connection, many people are interested to present only watches to the married couple. A newly wedded couple will get at least five sets of watches once the wedding is over. The couple will not use all watches, many of them kept in their boxes, only when they get a child, they open the box show their child or children all their preserved presentation, the selected watch to wear for regular use mostly will be only, Michele watches, because, these watches should have to be used in hands. In case, user is not using, watch will get into problem, the repair charges will be heavy to spend. The reason is the watch will have diamond in selected piece, the watch is added with diamond not for fancy, it is only to make the watch in running condition for many years. The jewel watch is the famous watch and it is called as jewel because it is an equal to jewelry apart from that, the jewel is added in the watch to run the watch smoothly for so many years. The purpose of presenting a quality watch to couple is only to make them understand, as watch life should have to be very smooth within life partners. The life partners will not have understanding, when they see their matching watches presented by close friend of the family. The presentation sense is very important for presenting wedded couple, in many cases, people are presenting an object without understanding this, they go to shop, they buy two watches, pack them in a nice box, present it to the couple. This kind of presentation of watches are not made with heart, it is presented only by mind, the presenting person perhaps will not have time to select best ones, still that person will have some friend, that person should have to take assistance of a friend in selecting watches for couple, but many people are not doing this.

The watch is used only for seeing time, it is used even as fancy products, even there are luxury watches are available. These luxury watches are heavy in price, they work well for many years, only rich person will buy and use, for two reasons. First reason is for perfect time, second reason is it shows the person is rich in society; therefore, cheap-minded people will not be interested to get in touch with such rich person who is wearing a costly watch in his hand. The most of all the costly watch will show the time; even it is not well maintained by the owner of the watch. This is also one of the reasons for a rich person to buy this kind of fancy watch. Rich person will not be keeping calm for whole day, he would be moving for his bread here and there. Therefore, that person will not at all maintain his watch, all his intention is only to make money for future life. However, the costly watch of that person helps him in showing the right time for local and international, in this connection that person is doing all his duties time to time. That is also one of the reasons for such people to stay rich; the normal person is missing to do all his duty, although he has a watch with perfect time. In this connection, a person understands the importance of the watch and perfect time, the value of the watch only as secondary. Finally, a person decides buying a good watch, which will run for longtime, that person is not bothered about the price of the watch.

PostHeaderIcon Design Templates – The Basis For Your Unique Line of Outfits

Greatest of us have a tendency in direction of believe that that all model designers deliver their outfits plans freehand and consist of the capacity in direction of attract their most up-to-date strains without having any require for templates. The model worldwide does not truly get the job done this course and if by yourself are intrigued within coming up with your particular dresses possibly precisely for you and your loved ones or as a direction towards produce a dwelling your self will obtain that taking in reach in direction of the exact same simple templates that are utilised inside of the model market place can deliver coming up with your private dresses not merely a lot less difficult, still a great deal further exciting.

There are couple of alternative layouts of templates utilized as a result of style designers like individuals for alternative dimensions, poses and those people that are a uncomplicated silhouette of substitute patterns of clothes these types of as a classic design and style of blouse or costume. They are created in the direction of be a beginning fact that will make it possible for oneself toward obtain the straightforward notion and measurement of the garment down prior to oneself begin the innovative treatment. Those people are ideal for those people that deficiency the innovative skill in direction of get a blank piece of paper and attract the determine they require versus scratch.

Other than simple define templates, the model current market in addition works by using a vast quantity of templates that symbolize guaranteed models of garments. When this may possibly appear such as a little bit of a cheat, it is excess developed in the direction of lower down upon squandered period via manufacturing the style method stream further efficiently. Those people expert services provided inside the a lot more mainstream patterns employ the service of this sort of templates and then big difference supplies and embellishments towards build clean strains for puts which includes division merchants each yr.

Feel of a model template as a blank canvas in opposition to which yourself will produce your particular masterpiece, this is not a lot alternate towards the specific who requires a undeniable white t blouse and tie dyes it or provides decals and generates his private get the job done artwork. If oneself need to have every single product or service of apparel on your own create towards be totally your private do the job by yourself can attract your private templates upon paper and then employ the service of them in the direction of operate against. By yourself will obtain that generating garments applying Those practices will be substantially less complicated than making an attempt towards get started against scratch every period.

If your self are searching for templates that a design and style designer may possibly contain crafted or employs upon a month to month foundation, by yourself will obtain that the Web is the perfect vacation spot toward locate them. There are lots of option websites that offer you them for a charge or in just a lot of scenarios for no cost. A template is just a stage toward commence; it is what your self do as soon as yourself consist of the easy sizing and structure that results in any piece of dresses exclusive.

PostHeaderIcon How in the direction of Commence a Design and style Site – 5 Strategies for Good results

Are oneself a model icon toward all of your close friends and have to have in direction of acquire your design and style toward the subsequent point as a result of beginning a design and style web site? Via after these types of 5 design and style running a blog strategies by yourself will be nicely upon your direction in the direction of ingesting a elegant, productive and enjoyable design web site.

Idea 1: Be in just the Realize

Design weblogs are suddenly turning out to be the up coming large matter in just the design marketplace. In the direction of realize how this running a blog revolution is shaking up the model planet oneself include toward examine what is presently out there. Browse the weblogs of financially rewarding design educational facilities, design merchandising colleges, model local internet websites and reports weblogs that consist of stuck your awareness inside of the previous. Being familiar with the fashion of weblogs yourself together with and have on’t will assist yourself hone in just upon your personalized running a blog structure.

Idea 2: Develop a Need to Include Status

It’s all inside the status! On your own can consist of the easiest, highest relatable design and style site within just the environment, still devoid of a catchy and simple-in direction of-spell track record that hints at what your web site is pertaining to, your upcoming visitors might be missing. Retain it straightforward. Continue to keep it entertaining. Deliver it modern.

Suggestion 3: Include a Haute Template

Utmost website internet sites comprise templates that can be utilized toward support your self just take begun. Create positive in direction of decide a template that is enjoyment, not much too complicated upon the eyes and basic in the direction of retain the services of. The greatest critical characteristic of your site is that website visitors can view, engage and appear your content.

Suggestion 4: Publish What Your self Enjoy

What generates on your own and your design layout exceptional is what is moving in the direction of preserve your website visitors coming again for added. Running a blog will take season, devotion and can be disheartening at days, consequently if on your own are not crafting over what on your own surely delight in, then it is all for naught. By yourself understand your structure; wear’t be concerned in direction of area it out there.

Idea 5: Wear’t Hold Your Lovers Waiting around

There is absolutely nothing even worse than expecting your beloved bloggers most up-to-date short article towards no avail. Some weblogs are current each and every working day or even each and every hour, still for individuals who do not consist of that significantly season out there towards devote toward running a blog, create certainly by yourself are updating your website at minimum after a 7 days in direction of maintain your visitors fascinated and coming back again for even further. This direction, on your own’ll be ready in the direction of acquire up a very good foundation of faithful people.

Blog site absent!

With this kind of very simple style running a blog suggestions in just your back again pocket, yourself will be stylishly running a blog within just no season!